Friday, September 9, 2011

Looking back on Radio Del Arte with a partial list of interviews.

This project began as “Untitled” with Felipe Diaz in Oct 2003 until spring 2004. "Radio del Arte" began in March 2004, with local writer Ed Willett, but soon turned into a solo show dedicated to the one-hour interview with artists. Journalist Carle Steel joined me in late 2006, and we were on the air until September 2007, when our show was cancelled.

I loved being able to speak with artists at several points in their careers—like Camille Turner, the artist who performs as “Miss Canadiana”. Felipe & I interviewed during "Untitled" about her work at Neutral ground. We spoke again on del Arte, when Elwood Jimmy curated her into the Dunlop. Similarly, Felipe and I began broadcast with a discussion of Rob Bos's very first show at the Art Projects gallery on 14th. I was able to re-interview Rob several times over the years. He has since opened a new gallery in Regina.

A very special thank you must be said to all of the artists who came out on a Wednesday morning to share their time on live radio!

Sincerely, Margaret Bessai


Joe Fafard and biographer Terence Heath on the Fafard retrospective (our last show to air)

Rob Bos in 2007, 2005, 2004, & in 2003 with Untitled

Pat Close

Long distance, live to London with Blayne George, on the Tate Triannual

Chad Jacklin

Jenn Hamilton

Jefferson Little

Marlo V

McCleave Gallery (gallery in a suitcase)

Michel Boutin

Man-Woman, from Vancouver

Blair Fornwald

Barbara Meneley

Pat Hemmingway

Paul Wong, Vancouver artist

Sylvia Ziemann, on her first solo exhibit

Gerri Ann Siwek

Seema Goel, artist, now in Ireland

Heather Cline, painter

Dr. Randal Rogers on the social history of illness

Gail Daggett on designing jewelry

Holly Fay

Captain Anarchy, the dishpit paintings

Don Stein on his audio art, “Stackwalk” at the RPL

Mark Dudiak

Camille Turner, Miss Canadiana

Jeff Nye

Gerry Ruecker

Chris St. Amand

Peter von Tiesenhausen


Real Valuable Comics: Alan Dotson, Brent Braaten

Gavin de Lint

Dr. June Madeley on Manga

Gerri-Ann Siwek

Adrian Stimpson & Joe Fafard on our relationship with animals


Timothy Long (Regina Clay)

Helen Marzolf (Dunlop history)

Donna Wawzonek (Dunlop, Blown exhibition)

Film makers:

Sarah Abbott

Trent Carlson, on The Delicate Art of Parking, starring Fred Ewanuick & Nancy Robertson (also in Corner Gas)

Ian Toews, Gemini Nominee with 291 Film, "Landscape as Muse" and artist Dennis Evans

Ryan Hill

Jay Roberts, props maker (Corner Gas etc.)

Golden Sheaf Winners, Don List and Birdsong with Cory Generoux

Alex MacKenzie, of Vancouver Blinding Light Cinema

Gerald Saul

John Bessai, Paul Kane documentary

Saskatchewan Filmpool Co-op, 30th anniversary

Zarqua Nahwez, Little Mosque on the Prairie

Don List and artist Bert Adema on the the doc, “the creator sacrifice”

Lisa Marr on Super 8 films, and past music with CUB

Steve Wolfson

Troy Rhodes

Richard Gustin (SCN 100 Saskatchewan Stories)

Brian Stockton, Saskatchewan trilogy

Felipe Diaz, on the Filmpool “Drive In”

Donna Caruso, Clothesline Project

Dianne Ouellette and Lee Henderson on the Festival of Cinematic Arts

Joan Prowse


Winnipeg Ballet, Cinderella with Cindy Marie Small, soloist on her last show.

Alberta Ballet, Romeo and Juliet

New Dance Horizons, Robin Poitras

Winnipeg Ballet, Elizabeth Miller & the Dracula Ballet

Grasslands Project, Kathleen Irwin


Hectik Theatre, various productions, dir. Kenn Mcleod

Regina Little Theatre

U of R Infringement festival

Writers and Story Tellers:

Ed Willett

Dave Margoshes

Kevin McKenzie

Byrna Barclay

Anne Campbell with artists Jeannie Mah & Lorne Beug

Byrna Barclay

Ron Bocking on his favourite music

Trevor Herriot


Pat Steel, Jazz legend

Qu' Appelle Quartet

Dr. Charity Marsh, on the musicology of Hiphop

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Camille Turner "Miss Canadiana"

Here is a rerun of the radio interview Felipe Diaz and I did with Camille Turner in October, 2004. It is in two parts (as it was originally on CJTR with a commercial break). Camille will be at Neutral Ground this weekend. Each part is about 30 minutes. Part One. Part Two.

FYI: It has been "radio silence" from CJTR Board and management for two weeks now.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Alex Rogalski

I have posted a new interview with Alex Rogalski of the One Take Super-8 Event and filmmaker Gerald Saul. This is a 40 minute audio interview conducted on November 2 following the 7th annual One Take Event.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

New site for audio clips

To hear all four CBC broadcasts of November 1 regarding Radio Del Arte, and for future audio broadcasts, please go my new site.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

CBC News

Brett Bradshaw of CBC radio has filed this report which aired four times this morning.

(there is no picture)

Friday, September 28, 2007


Due to situations beyond our control, Radio Del Arte is off the air. Thank you for listening over this past three years. It has been a wonderful and rewarding experience.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

September 26/28

This week on Radio Del Arte we are excited to interview famed Saskatchewan sculptor Joe Fafard and his biographer Terrance Heath.